It’s an important question. If you’re on good terms with your WordPress developer now, down the line if you fall out or there’s a dispute what happens then? What if your web developer goes out of business? Can you still access your web files after any one of these scenarios? After all you’ve invested time and money into your website. To lose everything could be a costly error.

Before signing over your hosting to your web developer, you should ask these questions. If any of these are ‘no’, you should reconsider where you host your online assets:

  • Do I have private access to my website files and database via a hosting control panel?
  • Am I able to archive my website files locally?
  • Do I own my own domain name?
  • Do I have access to my domain name’s DNS records?

We are finding an increase in WordPress website owners referred to Sublime Media that have become victim to unscrupulous developers and aggressive sales tactics. Developers that overcharge for basic services and hold online assets to ransom should a bill be queried are among some of these referrals. Website owners with little recourse or knowledge of what steps to take, make disputes like this particularly frustrating.

You might be asking why host with a developer at all? If you don’t understand how DNS and hosting work, it’s an easy option to leave everything in the hands of your developer.

Sublime Media are different

Happily, we’re different. Yes, we’re developers and yes we encourage clients to host with us, however you’re not at our mercy to access your assets. They are freely accessible via a secure private hosting control panel. We offer the best of both worlds. Expert knowledge creating your website combined with easily accessible, WordPress hosting for all your digital assets. You have full access to retrieve your files. We can even provide tutorials to show you how.

If you are in a dispute with your web developer – we can usually help. Not just on the hosting front but the negotiation side too.

Call us on 01604 812096 or use the contact form on this page to find out more.