What is SEO?

SEO, in simple terms, is a marketing tool that balances the aesthetic of an engaging web page with sound content and structure. A combination of art and science. A significant part of this is keyword research.

Sublime Media provide thorough reports detailing suggested keywords and their average search volume using SEO software that crawls your website. The report also provides optimisation hints and where improvements should be made.

Our SEO software will also crawl your competitor websites and will aggregate the data to provide a ranking not just for your website but theirs too. Now you can see exactly how your website compares with your rivals.

Using this collected data over time, Sublime Media can offer keyword suggestions and page correction recommendations to add to your website content to improve your rank in Google to beat your competitors.

There are three parts to good SEO practice

On-page SEO, Content & Structure

This is the practice of displaying your important search terms in the correct places on your web pages using the markup standards expected from a search engine like Google. We ensure the quality of content, structure, and user engagement.

Technical & Meta

There are behind-the-scenes expectations from search engines to deliver your website content in a logical, fast, and efficient manner to multiple device viewport sizes (screen size).

Google in particular uses various algorithms for indexing your content and listing your website in search results when a user enters your search term. The technical and meta part facilitates the delivery of your content via our super-fast WordPress hosting, lean coding structure, and caching recommendations.


Backlinks are arguably the most important aspect that completes the three parts to good SEO. The internet relies on links from one website to another to reference a resource.

Here’s where the three parts to good SEO converge into a logical sequence:

  • Quality content
  • Delivered efficiently
  • Referred by a trustworthy source

The more websites talking about yours, the higher Google will rank your website as the go-to place for your resource, service or product.

Sublime Media can offer you suggestions on where and how to obtain good quality backlinks relevant to your website content. We’ll also show you where your competitors get their backlinks from.

Best of all, asking a website owner to link to yours is often free.